The Bahamas known for its sun, sand and sea, have also carried a breathtaking and color full vibrant festival known as Junkanoo. From the costumes to the music, it’s unique and one of a kind,compared to the other festivals that are around the world. Puzzles Bahamas have brought the display and energy that is found in this Bahamian festival and has turned into an interactive and fun hobby for all ages. We at Puzzles Bahamas hope you enjoy putting these limited visuals together as much fun we had creating them. Enjoy

From the Founder

The reason I came up with puzzle Bahamas especially with the Junkanoo puzzles, I wanted to express a different way of showing the beauty and craft that goes into my Bahamian culture. Junkanoo is celebrated twice a year, so there is only a limited time that our culture is on display and visitors are usually 9 times outta 10 blown away by the colors, costumes, the music, and the environment that Junkanoo brings. With puzzles combined with the display of Junkanoo, I feel like you’re taking a piece of Bahamian culture, plus the enjoyment of putting together a puzzle. These puzzles present a challenge because of the designs and colors that are displayed, but brings enjoyment for all ages


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