Megaton and the Music

Music is all that I have left in my life, and it’s all I’ve known since the age of 4!
Surrounded by it growing up with an uncle that played over 10 instruments, adapting to the art wasn’t difficult.
Growing up in the Caribbean, world music sounds dominated the airwaves as international cultures fuse to make the unique sounds of the Islands.

I fell in love with the sounds and styles of Hip Hop while many of my friends in my environment gravitated towards Reggae, Dancehall, Junkanoo, Soca and Calypso, Hip Hop became my passion.
From LL Cool J to Lil Wayne, Hip Hop was in the air that I breathed. I started performing professionally in 2000 as an international recording artist. I trained as a Sound Engineer and Producer so I make a lot of my own music, so now I’m ready to take my music to the world.

#Artist:  Paula Mckeva

#Artist: Paula Mckeva

  PAULA McKeva’s distinctive style and vocal range has gained her much notoriety in the Bahamas and internationally. She is no stranger to the music scene or performing live. This proud mother of three is seeing her dreams as her ever growing body of work is being well received. It is said that from disappointment ..

Megaton performs at Ibiza Bahama #HOTsexyThursdays

Megaton performs at Ibiza Bahama #HOTsexyThursdays

#‎HOTSexyThursdays June 19, 2014 Megaton is performing his #‎HITSingle #‎IslandSummer. Fellas: FREE BEFORE 10PM with College ID, $10 AFTER 10PM with College ID, No College ID? Fellas $10 BEFORE 10 PM Ladies: FREE BEFORE 10PM Music by: DJ N, DJ CRX, DJ BEATZ, DJ Energy, DJ Spleen, and other Special Guest DJs. Your summer isn’t complete unless ..

Sounds of the Bahamas

Sounds of the Bahamas

Junkanoo Junkanoo is a national festival in The Bahamas, the only place where it holds such an honor. There is even a museum showcasing Junkanoo costumes, art and artifacts in downtown Nassau–a cultural highlight and must-see attraction for all visitors. The origin of the word Junkanoo is obscure. Some say it comes from the French ..

The Artist
Production by Megaton

Megaton, a Bahamian hip hop recording artist, engineer, record producer, and composer, from the Bahamas. For the last 15 years, Mega has been performing from the Bahamas to New York, and now added producer to his repertoire in the last 4 years. Mega has worked with numerous Bahamian acts from all genres and has produced records from Brooklyn West Carter,Cash Cow,and Aldo Stubbs.He’s also produced songs for a Jamaican duo Jay4Real and Conist.Mega last production credits is with a R&B crooner, Paula Mckeva,where he wrote produced 4 songs on her upcoming Ep “Vixious”.Expect more this year especially on his upcoming Ep “Linky’s Boy”

Engineer, record producer, and composer
The Color of Passion